Code of Conduct

Aetius a posted Nov 12, 14
Clan Snow Wolf Members
All members will:

  • Maintain respectful behavior when representing our community. This includes to our opponents.
  • Refrain from discussing viewpoints on politics or religion while online with the community.
  • Practice good citizenship, leadership, and self-governance while upholding a high standard for the group.
  • Use appropriate language at all times.
  • If you plan on streaming or recording a match, please be considerate and notify your group ahead of time as they may not wish to participate.
  • Support and abide by your group’s designated advisor / leader.
  • Don’t joke around if you cannot be the butt of a joke.
  • Accept the consequences for inappropriate behavior.
  • Remember we are here to have fun.

Conduct Unbecoming of a Snow Wolf is defined as:
  • Any form of discrimination, belittling others, and being disrespectful of individual differences. If this happens please report it to a member of leadership.
  • Negative gossip that could alienate or cause a fellow clan mate to view another in a negative manner.
  • Behavior that violates the rights of others. Particularly when the behavior is disrespectful to a person’s gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or appearance.
  • A charge under any of these headings will be addressed by leadership.  If the charge is upheld, disciplinary action may be taken according to the severity of the infraction.  This may include but is not limited to rank adjustment, forum suspension, resource suspension, membership suspension, resource ban, and/or dismissal. 

Non CSW Members
  • As a guest in our home we do expect you to follow a few simple rules of conduct.  To contact Clan Snow Wolf leadership, go to, then choose About Us from the top menu, and choose Contact Us.
  • Please refrain from joining in any conversations / debates that involve how our community is run. This is reserved for community members.
  • Please do not make derogatory statements about our community or members. This is our home, save it for yours.
  • If you have an issue with any member, please contact leadership with the situation.