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Freelancer Server info

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Posted by Aetius.

For those wanting to hop in with us here is the info.

Discovery Gaming is the server we are on.

Beginners Guide

When you first log into the game, DO NOTHING. Type the following in chat if you wish to start out as a Freelancer with the rest of us. This will make you Neutral Faction with all so we have no enemies.
/restart FreelancerLi

» Affiliation: Freelancer
» Location: Freeport 9, Omicron Theta
» Reputation Adjustments:

Quote:» Friendly [>0.6]:
» Neutral [±0.0]: Neutral Faction
» No-Dock [-0.55]:
» Hostile [<-0.6]:

Wiki for ships and info

I will update this once we get our personal base set up.
Posted Mar 3, 14 · OP · Last edited Mar 3, 14
note: This mod will trip some virus software as containing a Trojan. This is a false positive!! listed on McAfee site.
Posted Mar 3, 14 · OP
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