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Guns of Icarus

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Just started playing this cheap fun game. In my opinion its going to play somewhat like star citizen, it takes a lot of team work to stay alive. Im new to Clan Snow Wolf and would like to get to know all the members and ready for star citizen and even mwo from time to time. Sainterv is my handle on almost all my games. Looking forward to seeing you in the future.

Posted May 20, 14 · OP
I am enjoying GoI. I hope they expand on the game play a little more, but it think its a good value. Also team games are where its at and this is the most team centered game I have played.

Yell any time Sainterv! I will drop with ya.
Posted May 22, 14
Piloting is getting easier...lookout!!lol not really
Posted May 23, 14 · OP
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