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Possible Alliance with another group

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Hey guys as you know I've been on warframe a lot recently and the clan I've been playing with are a bunch of pretty cool guys. I'd like to get our leadership in contact with the leadership and possibly have talks with an alliance. I feel that bringing in some fresh blood might be good for us all in the sense that we can start playing other games with one another and enjoy ourselves.
Posted Sep 3, 14 · OP
Sounds good.

Out for now,
Posted Sep 9, 14
If you want to include FLOT in on that, it would be much appreciated. Currently, Im the guy controlling the FLOT warframe clan and im having a time of it.
Posted Oct 7, 14
I apologize about the long response time I've been really busy with other matters but if you're still interested you can reach me via the facebook group Tim hernandez is my name. if facebook isnt an option I've been on the NGNG teamspeak server on our warframe channel thats another way to contact me. I'm also able to take individuals in my clan as well so that is an option available too
Posted Mar 2, 16 · OP
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