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News New Rank and Unit Structure!

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Aetius a
So here is another update for community restructure geared towards rebuilding our community. We have new rank and unit system.
Units are groups formed by members of the community. Not necessarily CSW members but community as a whole. What does this mean?
Here is the new structure break down.

This group is lead by Clan owner Perseus Pax. He has handpicked a leadership team from among the ranks to assist with leading the community.
Kahn Perseus Pax (Owner)
SaKahn On1m
SaKhan Poxzwar
SaKahn Aetius

Community Representatives
These are the people who wish to step up and lead through example in our community. They volunteer to organize, inspire, and stand as representatives for their fellow members. They are of equal rank.
Galaxy Commander [GCom] Galaxy - min. 54 members (3 Clusters at 3 MW per Star)
Lieutenant General [LtG] Regiment - min. 54 members (3 Battalions at 2 MW per Lance)

Star Colonel [SCol] Cluster - min. 18 members (3 Binaries at 3 MW per Star)
Colonel [Col] Battalion - min. 18 members (3 Companies at 2 MW per Lance)

Star Captain [SCpt] Binary - min. 6 members (2 Stars at 3 MWs per Star)
Captain [Cpt] Company - min. 6 members (3 Lances at 2 MWs per Lance)

Star Commander [SC] Star - 5 MWs or less
Lieutenant [Lt] Lance - 4 MWs or less

Mechwarrior [MW] Member of the MWO Community
Mechwarrior [MW] Member of the MWO Community

Field Commander [FC] Sits in the command chair during organized drops.
Drill Instructor [DI] Trains and mentors others.
(Tags to be worn on end of rank or name.)

It is allowable for multiple units to “join” under a top commander to achieve higher ranks. For example, 2 units have 10 each (fully manned Binaries) join together to form a Cluster. The officers decide which will become the Star Colonel. It is recommended that the units continue with the loose organizational structure to continue to promote autonomy at the Star unit level. This size unit is easiest to maintain and easily coordinates with other Stars.

- Everyone who wishes to join either starts a unit or chooses who they will follow.
- Those that do not want to be apart of a unit will see no real change in their day to day.
- Representatives recruit and build their units. Structure, rules and themes are dictated by the Unit Representative. To form a unit, we need to know the name and the designated leader of the unit at minimum. The commanding officer will be responsible for unit leadership and updating leadership to roster changes on our website.
- Other clans who wish to join us can be allowed to become a represented unit within our ranks.
- Every Unit receives a forum to use as they wish. It will be public or private by your wishes and moderated by your members.
- Named rank increases are relative to the number of people that follow a representative. All Representatives are on equal standing in the community. They are a representative and not a member of leadership. It is a title of honor, respect and responsibility in the community.
- All units are still bound by the community Code of Conduct! This includes Allied Units. No Exceptions.
- Any representative can be demoted if they are found guilty of conduct unbecoming of a Snow Wolf. If conduct is severe enough or reoccurs, then the member can be restricted from being a representative in the community and/or other penalties may be applied.

We hope that everyone finds something they like here. It is another tool in which you can enjoy our community. Feel free to discuss this further below.
Posted Nov 20, 14 · OP · Last edited Nov 20, 14
Very well done. I'm on board with this.
Posted Nov 20, 14
Update: I will in fact be starting a FLOT Star under Kelixi's Binary. We'll see if I get enough FLOTters to a binary. one step at a time though.
Posted Nov 20, 14
I'm sure we can work something out on the FLOT forums, instead of cluttering up these. :p
Posted Nov 23, 14
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