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Aetius a
Pox hit the nail on the head the other night in stating that, The problem with sandbox games is that once you become the baddest person in the world your in, the game becomes lack luster.

This is very true. The reason is basically most people think they want everything for free. This is an illusion. Humans are driven by struggle. It creates a sense of well being when we make accomplishments. The harder the struggle to achieve the accomplishment the better the well being.

Psychology aside, I propose we create scenarios.

If you wish to become a creator there should be some basic ground rules.

This can be done in creative easily. Add the mods you wish to add and restrict others. Set this up to match the scenario you wish to implement.

Just hop in here and throw out a bit of back story. Perhaps a crashed warship, or a mercenary group looking to take over a large mining facility.

Whatever the scenario just upload it. Then when we get tired of the map we are working on, we can vote to play some other scenarios and thus help reduce the boredom of doing the same old thing each time.

Leave feedback and suggestions below.
Aetius Faulk
Posted Feb 3, 15 · OP · Last edited Feb 3, 15
I think this is a good idea and the fact that we can work these up and then wait for everyone to get bored with the current map is perfect.
Posted Feb 10, 15
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